Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  How soon after the wedding do you need my wedding flowers?

As soon as possible, ideally the next day, certainly within 48 hours. After that we would need to have a look at your flowers and assess suitability.

  How do we look after them overnight?

Keep the flowers cool (but not as cold as a fridge) - cool room, boot of car, garage, temperature. If bouquet is hand tied stems may be put in water. DO NOT SPRAY WITH WATER.

  Will my flowers dry exactly the same colour as they are?

Generally yes (depending on the condition we receive them in) but there can be a marginal colour change in certain flowers e.g. red roses deepen to claret . Whilst some white flowers remain very white e.g. hydrangea, phalaenopsis orchids etc. white roses tend to dry a more creamy colour. Please ask for further details.

  Will you collect my flowers?

No, they must be delivered to us, but you can arrange your own courier or taxi, or send them by post.

  What is the difference between Pressed & Dried?

Pressed flowers result in a completely flat picture. Dried flowers are dried whole and are therefore 3D & can be displayed in a box frame.

  How long does it take?

We aim to have orders ready within 2-3 months of the wedding (depending on seasonal demand) - unless there is a delay in you placing your order!

  How much will it cost?

Preservation is £40-£45 per bouquet or equivalent, £5 per buttonhole or corsage. Pictures range from £75 - £295, please see Pictures & Frames page for more info.

  Can you just preserve my flowers without me then having a picture made?

No, I'm afraid not. We only offer a full package of preserving, designing and framing.

  When do I pay?

The preserving fee is payable when booking, or on delivery of flowers. Deposit (just a third) of total payable when ordering. Balance is payable on collection. Acceptable forms of payment are - bank transfer (details can be emailed to you), credit or debit card and cash.

  When do I book?

Ideally around 2 months before your wedding - but we do still accept bouquets even if not pre-booked!! - See Booking & Ordering page.

  Where are you located?

Our studio is home based in the village of Eaglesham, which is 10 miles south of Glasgow, 3 miles from East Kilbride and is easily reached from all major routes - see Contact page.

  When do I choose my picture?

See Booking & Ordering page.

  Do you preserve flowers from other occasions?

Yes, we can preserve flowers from anniversary, birthday, christening, retirement, valentine, birth of baby etc.

  How do I look after my picture?

Keep your picture in a warm, dry atmosphere at all times and out of direct sunlight. Many flowers will retain their strong colour, while some may mellow slightly with age.

  Can you post my order out to me?

This is not something we recommend due to the pictures being so fragile, however if you are un-able to collect your order and are willing to take responsibility for the order, we will post them out within the UK at your own risk. Postage and packaging price will depend on the weight or the order and location P.O.A.

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